Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Lists?

Here's my list of 101 things (idea is from Day Zero). I'll admit it was difficult to think of the list. Some tasks will take longer to complete, but I'm excited to get started. Its mind boggling to think so far in the future (1001 days OR 2.75 years from now!), but then again 4 years of college flew by. So here's to making the most of the next few years!

Start: May 2, 2010
Finish: January 26, 2013

Not started
I'm working on it!
All Done!!

1. Visit 3 aquariums
2. Go on a road trip with friends
3. Visit Hearst Castle
4. Bike to Venice beach
5. Gamble in Vegas
6. See a show in Vegas
7. Take a vacation to Catalina
8. Try 5 new restaurants
9. Go back to the Grand Canyon
10. Visit Huntington Library
11. Shop in downtown LA’s fashion district
12. Eat a Pink’s hot dog
13. Vacation on the east coast

14. Watch AFI’s 100 years..100 movies
15. Read 15 classic books
16. Read 50 books (total)
17. Watch all the “Planet Earth” DVDs
18. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie
19. Read an autobiography
20. Subscribe to a health magazine
21. Write a TV schedule and only watch those shows

22. Take the GRE
23. Write a personal statement
24. Apply to veterinary school
25. Go to veterinary school OR enroll in a LVT program
26. Take a nutrition course
27. Finish vet school pre-reqs
28. Learn interviewing skills

29. Knit a hat
30. Learn how to read a pattern
31. Sew 5 scrub tops
32. Take a jewelry making class
33. Make 2 pairs of earrings
34. Enter an amateur photo contest
35. Learn how to decorate cakes
36. Learn to use photoshop
37. Be able to use “manual” setting on my dSLR
38. Learn to make fondant
39. Make a ring for myself
40. Make a handmade presents for my immediate family

41. Finish Thailand album
42. Finish Alaska album
43. Finish childhood album
44. Finish Disneyland album
45. Finish college album
46. Finish spring break album
47. Finish pet album

48. Start and finish “couch to 5k”
49. Run a 5k
50. Run a 10k
51. Drink at least 1 liter of water daily for 1 month (hopefully it will be a habit afterwards)
52. Go on 5 hikes
53. Get in the healthy weight range to my height (102-128 lbs)
54. No fast food for 1 month
55. Find out my blood type
56. Keep a food journal for 1 month
57. Finish a bottle of multivitamins (consecutive days)
58. Floss once a day for 1 month
59. Vegetarian for 1 week
60. Spend at least 30 minutes outdoors

61. Try 15 new recipes
62. Cook 5 soups
63. Learn to make quinoa
64. Try brussel sprouts
65. Make my own yogurt
66. Learn to make French apple pie
67. Make a Thai dish
68. Make spicy tuna rolls and California rolls
69. Have a pizza night (make the dough too!)

70. Backup my pictures on CDs
71. Get rid of magazines older than 1 year
72. Throw out old school papers
73. Organize financial papers
74. Make a recipe book
75. Update 101 in 1001 monthly (minimum)
76. Get rid of music on iTunes I don’t listen to
77. Create 5 useful iTunes playlists

78. Donate hair to “Locks of Love”
79. Give to 5 non-profits organizations
80. Sponsor a child in a third world country
81. Donate Christmas presents to those in need
82. Help pay for a rescue animal’s medical bills

83. Buy a new iPod car adapter
84. Get a new cell phone
85. Invest in a new computer
86. Buy a bike
87. Buy a graphics tablet
88. New pair of “everyday” shoes
89. A hard drive with a lot of capacity

90. Learn to SCUBA dive
91. Learn to drive a stick shift
92. Blog everyday for 1 month
93. Comment on 10 blogs I like
94. Write a letter/card every month
95. Watch the sunrise and set in a day
96. Live on my own
97. Have brunch with grandparents for no reason
98. Finish everything on my list!
99. Grow pumpkins
100. Have an herb garden and make something with it
101. Garden everyday for 1 week


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I can definitely help you cook up a good Thai recipe. I have a lot on my blog. And by the way, you'll feel great after you donate your hair to Locks of Love! If you can donate more than 10 inches, it really helps them a lot. =) Great list! I really want to do one again after seeing it! hehehe

  2. What a great list! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. Good luck with achieving your goals!

  3. You have a great list! I'm actually watching all of AFI's movies for mine too! Good luck!!