Thursday, May 6, 2010

Running my little heart out

In an effort to start exercising again, I decided to do the "couch to 5k" (C to 5k) program. Yay..? I admit I'm not good runner. Usually I get very winded, then discouraged, and stop running. I first saw the plan on the Cool Running website. Ah ha, their description of a beginner runner fit me to a T. I downloaded a C to 5k podcast, which was easier than timing my own intervals. Here's the schedule for the first week!

Week 1: to be completed 3 times
5 minute walking warm-up
Interval of 2 minutes running/jogging, then 3 minutes walking
(repeat interval 4 times)
5 minute walking cool down

The first interval of running, I felt good. I ran (as instructed) at a pace where I wouldn't feel too winded. Woohoo. I can do this! However, by the last interval I was a little embarrassed to be breathing loudly! Out in the quietness of the park, there was nothing to cover my loud mouth-breathing. As I passed the walkers, I wished I was in the gym. At the gym, treadmills are usually loud enough to drown out my huffing and puffing.

Saturday will be day 2. I hope I won't be sore tomorrow, and still have the motivation to run! I heard some good tips on exercising motivation like sleeping in your workout clothes to having a exercise buddy. But will they work for me? Wonder what will get my butt in exercise mode?


  1. My sister just started this too and started blogging about it! She's at!

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your work out plan! you can do it! Once you do the 5K, it'll feel like the greatest accomplishment ever. =)