Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a beautiful morning!!

I've been getting so excited for summer despite the crazy winds sweeping through SoCal. I love that its still sunny at 7pm (see picture above!). However, summer mean crunch time for me! I have to finish summer school, work, and apply to vet school. Wish me luck! Any tips on time management??

Summer also makes me feel like eating healthier. Lighter and fresh meals sound divine to me :) The bulk section at Whole Foods has been oh-so-helpful. I can try new "healthy" foods without buying a ginormous package, and being scared of wasting money if I don't like it. For example, I bought a dollars worth of chia seeds to try today instead of splurging on the $20 jar.

Some healthier foods that I have been loving are:
1) Medjool dates- reminds me of azuki beans; sweet and chewy
2) Coconut- used to HATE it, now much love. I think Samoas jump started the love (girl scout cookies all the way!)
3) Goddess salad dressing- a little more expensive, but if it gets me to eat salad then its ok!
4) Egg puffs- Its so easy to make morning eggs, no need to dirty a pan!

I also watched an interesting video today about spending a little more moolah in the interest of your health. The idea is to spend money on items that will help you make good food decisions, like pre-cut fruits or veggies. So, when you are itching for snack they will be as convenient as a bag of chips. Hmm, wonder if I can make my frugal self do that??

Have a happy Monday! Hope the week starts off good!


  1. The precut veggies is a good idea. I often grab the potato chips because they are easier and didn't think about getting things precut. I am headed to watch the video now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No problem, Heather! I really like the "tone it up" girls, they always have tips I can use =]

  3. Hey--thanks for following fitness riot =)

    Love your bloggie!

    I agree about summer and eating lighter, fresher meals--I love it!

    I also used to HATE coconuts...thought they were I use it in a lot of recipes! I always use Medjool dates in my almond milk...and going to try them in some protein bars soon...mmm Goddess salad dressing!

    Have a great day!

  4. Laury Ann, let me know how the dates go in the protein bars. That sounds yummy, like lara bars!

  5. I am so jealous of your frugal self! Those are the things I splurge on because I have NO TIME ever, so it is the only way I can eat healthy on the go. Vet school sounds AWESOME good for you! My tips for time management are utilizing a google calendar, and keeping a very detailed to do list (and be sure to prioritize the list, so that you aren't just picking the fun or easy things off of it instead of getting what you need to get done, done).

  6. great post! I love the picture - so beautiful!

    I like trying new things through the bulk bins - that's how I tried chia seeds and some types of grain. I agree, it's an easy way to try things without committing a lot of money!

    I try to eat healthy snacks as much as possible by not keeping unhealthy ones in the apartment. We've recently started buying whole carrots instead of baby carrots and peeling ourselves. It sames money and we've found they taste much better! It takes more work, but we're more satisfied. I agree though, when starting a new healthy routine, it is easier to do when you have pre-cut fruits and veggies on hand!