Monday, June 29, 2009

Sensitive Ears

Remember the little white doggie from last time?

OH heeeyyy Buttons. What's that? I woke you from your nap? But you sleep all day, and that's the perfect time to take pictures of you.

So peaceful and oblivious.

Whoopsies I've been caught! Though the masses of hair makes it seem like this pup has no expression. I can feel a sleepy glare. BUT don't let that fool you. Little Buttons loooves the camera.

May I present exhibit A:
Disclaimer: Pooch doesn't actually speak with an accent. Nor does she speak at all.

Doggie is far far away. A few short moments ago she was fast asleep.
But those canine ears have picked up on the soft "whirl" of my camera turning on.

"Vhat iz dat noize?"
"Vaz it ze kamera?"
"Aha! It iz ze kamera."
"Reddy for ze cloze-upp"
"Vhy have yu stopped? Go. Go."

So don't let that aloof, tough puppy exterior fool ya. This is one dog that loves pictures. Won't come when called..repeatedly..but answers to the camera. Notice I have not moved the entire time.

Sorry Buttons, your secret is out. Too bad there's not "America's Next Top Dog Model". We'll let Tyra know.

Hmm..wonder if all doggies are camera lovers?

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  1. I wonder... if you gave your doggie dreads... would that make your doggie a puli? I think we should test this theory...