Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poppity kettle corn

Yummy yummy yummy, i got love in my tummy.

I LOOVE food. ANYthing to do with it; cooking, eating, watching Foodnetwork. So I finally decided to let the food bloggin commence!

Or will it..?

Let's just say there are some key parts missing that would make it a good blog post. Like a recipe.. or measurements.. or fancy shmancy terminology.. or good pictures.. or bad pictures touched up with photoshop to look good..

For those wondering, here is what a food blog would look like if written by me. Get ready for a confusing and abusive post.

Heat up a large pan with enough corn oil to coat the bottom. (Note: no measurement of how much oil.. 'round here we just eyeball it). Test the oil temperature with one kernel.

Pop! Yup, its ready.

Measure out popcorn Rachel Ray style, by the palmful.

Here's the tricky step. Quickly add some sugar, before the popcorn pops buuut not too early or it will burn. Just for you, I have demonstrated what waiting too long to add sugar looks like. Yeahh, just sprinkle it around. What?? Too confusing? Want more details on when to add the sugar? Riiight, you won't get that 'round here.

Cover and swirl around the fire while it pops. Now, its listening time... Shhhhh... hear it slow down? Yup, its done.

Now its the easy part. But for my padre, it seems to require the most concentration and speediness. Ready? Pour some popcorn out.

Noow salt it. Some believe Trader Joe's sea salt works best. That same person prefers JollyTime kernels for their superior popablility. *coughDADDYcough.* Snob.

Here's where the real skill comes in. Toss to mix salty goodness with the sweet crunchiness. Shake it, shake, shake, shake it. OOHH, but don't let any fall out. Vulture-like family members will swoop in and devour those poor kernels.

Ohh yeahhhh.. That's what I'm talking about. What a good way to start a Tuesday.. Oops I mean Tuesday night.. Err, I meant movie night.. Meh, who am I kidding I could eat this anytime, anywhere.

Until I can write nicely and helpfully, I will be sitting in food blogging timeout. Hope they don't make me wear a dunce cap.

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