Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello world!

Remember playing in the sandbox as a kid? Or at least going to the playground? Jumping off the swings, going down the slide backwards, getting sand in your shoes. Yeahhh that stuff.

My professor, Dr. G, once said she wanted to have a job where she could go to work everyday feeling as ecstatic as a kid in a sandbox. Yes, after 4 years of college the most valuable piece of advice I got was to recapture childlike excitement and curiosity. Cliche..? Still, it lead me to the reason for this blog.

The idea of a blog first started while deliriously studying for finals with my friends and stuffing our faces with fast food. Reading Pioneer Woman not only convinced us that living on a ranch could be cool, but to start a food blog.

Buuut, now as I sit on my bed avoiding unpacking (noo, procrastination doesn't stop after college) and thinking about cooking, it reminds me of childhood (ah ha.. we are coming full circle). My mom was/is pretty awesome. Our family always made ginormous batches of xmas cookies, were way ahead of the "green-living" trend (we had a compost pile in our backyard, for goodness sakes), and did stay-cations before the recent downturn of the economy. Basically, childhood= a hodgepodge of nerdy fun.

So, what started as a food blog has grown into a monsterous beast of that will try to chronicle my adventures in cooking, gardening, crafting, playing with animals, traveling, or anything the reminds me of being a kid.

Confessions: I'm a natural born bad speller and a science major so I can't write well either. I have the attention span of a 2 year old. And will make lame attempts to capture everything on my not-so-fancy camera.

Welcome to my world. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


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