Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toilet paper + flowers=??

First of all...Hooray!! I found the little cord that connects my camera to the computer. Now my pictures can be freed from their captivity in my xD card.

While tapping into my weekend-warrior side and shopping at Home Depot, I found a really cool article about reusing toilet paper rolls...ergm... I meant while my dad was being a weekend-warrior and I tagged along to find a battery for my TV remote.... Apparently the cardboard rolls make nice homes for germinating seeds.

How to make a cozy starter home for seeds:

Round up empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Hopefully you won't have to pick them out of trash like I did. Then keeping in the "reusing" theme, a to-go container to hold my finished rolls.

Cut the toilet paper rolls in half and the paper towel roll into fourths. And cut the take-out container in half too. Use a plastic spoon (I used my hands, even though the potting soil bag explicitly said not to) to press soil into the rolls. Note how even all my rolls are. Perfection is not important, those little seeds won't care.

Run inside to grab the seeds. I bought mine for 20 cents at Walmart (honestly, can you buy anything for 20 cents???)Pet the dog, who is wondering why you are running in and out of the house so many times (scissors, water bottle, seeds, camera.) Then, push her back inside because her purdy white coat will get all dirrrty.

Water the soil, then place a couple of seeds in each tube. I used a Sharpie to label the tubes (pumpkin, snapdragons, etc.) Its probably a better idea to label the tubes before soil goes in. Whoopsie..Cover the seeds with more soil and dampen the soil with more water.

And..voila! A place for tiny seeds to sprout and start their lives in. After they grow a little, I'll plant the entire tube in my garden.

Let's just hope my green thumb is working today.

Please grow..pleeaase grow

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