Friday, June 5, 2009

Pinnipeds galore!

I smell like fish. My muscles are sore. I've been sprayed with fishy smoothies. Painful and a little gross, yes.. But I always come back for more. How could I not? Look at that little face.. what a cute harbor seal.

For about a year I've been volunteering at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, a rehabilitation center for pinnipeds (seals, sea lions) getting them well enough to be released back to the ocean.
(check out their website for more info!! anyone can volunteer.) Any organization that can get me up at 6am to sort herring for hours only to have it devoured in minutes, wear oh-so-flattering overalls (niice..), tube feed over a dozen animals, and scrub dirty pens is a worthwhile cause.

So in a few days I will wake up early again, drive with a thousand commuters, don my waterproof getup, and take a large whiff of the wonderful poopy/fishy stench that I have come to love. Ahhhh..smells diiivine.

Up next: I'll actually be cooking!! kind of.. possibly homemade granola and yogurt, or bean soup. And I'm starting to plan my herb garden. So far, only garlic, basil, and green onion have made the list.

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