Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got Money??

Remember when I visited this majestic castle? Well, it got me thinking about money. Moolah, dollas, benjamins, dough, green...

I won't lie when the Mega Millions reached $190 mill early this year, I got hopeful (I was so sure I would win). I'll bet I'm not the only one who dreams of winning the lottery :)

But, what if I was William Hearst and actually had all that extra cash. Would I build a sprawling hilltop castle and have my famous friends over all the time??

Eh, probably not. First, of all I don't have any famous friends!

What would I do with a little extra "cha-ching?"
  • Pay off graduate school- wouldn't it be nice to just concentrate on school work??
  • Help pay for my sister's college and for my madre too!
  • Give money to Care for Dogs in Thailand and go back every year to volunteer :)
  • Donate to the MMCC in San Pedro- fishies for everyone!!
  • Buy fun things for the familia- car (or RV, weird I know) for dad, cottage with a large garden for mom
  • Travel, travel, travel (in style!)- Australia, all over Europe, Africa (I'm dyying to go)....well basically every where and anywhere
  • Buy a nice home, maybe with a pool and large backyard for doggies! or pigs :)
  • Clothes- of course, I'm a girl and love clothes, not super nice designer ones, but more than I spend at TJ Maxx or Marshall's

Looking at my list, I guess I'm not the most adventurous person.  Boooring! I really think that if I won the lottery, I don't think I would do a total personality change. I'm frugal now and like to save, so I'll probably end up being an old miser (Hello, Scrooge!)

Now doesn't that look like fun?

What would you do with some W.R. Hearst money?? I'd like to know!



  1. Saying hi from SITS.


  2. Lisa I love your blog.

    I would pay off school for myself & my sister.
    Pay off my sisters house
    Pay off my parents house
    Update my wardrobe and dont cringe when I pay more than $20 for a shirt!
    Buy my own house!
    Support a charity, not sure which one- maybe start my own :)


  3. Great list! Thanks for stopping by MandaLynne :)