Sunday, October 17, 2010

101 updating!

This week I watched the rescue of the Chilean mine workers. Needless to say, it so amazing they all survived. I can't imagine being trapped for almost 70 days underground!! That's a really long time!

I started thinking, what have I done in 70 days?
Since August 5th I have:

Got a netbook (#85) 
Yay! Its so handy to take to school! Especially since I have a 4 hour break between classes and my laptop is a ginormous dinosaur :P

Visited the Aquarium of the Pacific (#1)
I finally used my free tickets! It felt like my friends and I were they only people there without kids! It was fun to stop at all the touch tanks and watch the animal feeding as a visitor, not a volunteer!

Tried a new restaurant (#8)- La Brea Bakery at Downtown Disney.
I had the fresh mozzarella sandwich. Delicious! Along with fresh bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and icy water it was a great choice. The price was comparable to some of the restaurants inside the park, but being served, unlimited drink refills, and service made it waayy better!

Read (#6)
I finished 1st to Die, Cradle and All, Her Fearful Symmetry, and Saving Gracie. I’m really enjoying easy reads, and I think each book took an average of 2 days to read ;)

Wrote a personal statement (#23) applied to veterinary school (#24)
Finito!! This is what I was doing on the blog hiatus. Let me tell you, writing a personal statement is tough cookies!

Subscribed to a fitness magazine (#20)
Hello, Runner’s World! I’m still not a “runner!” But there’s some good articles about health, preventing injuries, and food.

Went back to school (#27)
The last of my grad school pre-requisites!! I finally scored a spot in a microbiology class! Phew :)

Wow! While I was struggling with applications and school work, the miners were in constant worry about being rescued. It really puts life into perspective :)

Have a good Sunday!! It’s gloomy weather in So Cal!

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  1. I love this post!! Congrats on getting so much accomplished!! :)