Friday, November 5, 2010

Summer dreaming..

The hot weather this week (80-90 degrees!!) made me a little nostalgic for summer.

Here is an old bike adventure that I never ever got around to posting.

My purple bike and I had so much fun this summer. Riding along the beach with friends really makes exercise, well, not seem like exercise.

The hardest part was all the little hills we encountered getting to the strand (beach). Murder on my thighs and calves!!

The riding on the strand was physically easy.  But it felt like I was driving! Although it was strictly a "bike path" and explicitly said "no pedestrians," everyone was strolling down the path. Gotta keep alert or else a collision is bound to happen!

This summer all the lifeguard stations were colorfully painted.  It really made them stand out on the beach! I liked it!! My family and I love visiting “statues on parade” things (like summer of snoopy or salmon parade.)

We ended up doing about 40 miles! It took us a long time and there were a ton of cyclists that passed us up. But, slow and steady was a-ok for me :)
Sigh, I do miss summer. It seems like the upcoming daylight savings (Sunday!), makes the end of summer seem so final. Oh, and the holiday Starbucks cups.. definitely means winter is here :)

I do hope that So Cal weather will finally make up its mind..scarves or shorts??

Which weather fashion do you prefer? Scarves, coats, and pants OR shorts, dresses, and tank tops?
I can't decide!! I love love love scarves, so I'm leaning towards winter/autumn. But, who am I to really "know" what winter really is. I'm a California girl through and through. I think 60 degrees is cold!

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