Monday, July 12, 2010

When insomnia settles in..

I really, really wanted to go to bed early tonight! I'm so tired of having a funky sleep schedule.   Since I work the late shift, my sleep schedule gets all out of whack. An hour ago I was lying in the dark, wiiiiide awake, trying to sleep for the past 2 hours. Ugh :(

So, here I am at 2am watching "Friends" and blogging.

This weekend I had food on my mind. I'm reading a book about what people eat when they are alone.  I'm only about a quarter in, and so far it's pretty interesting.  It got me thinking what is my "alone" food?  All I know is that being a college student left me with some bad eating habits.

During college, I had always had early classes (8am is definitely early for this non-morning girl!)  I would zombie walk to the cafeteria, grab a bagel/crossaint/eggs sandwich, and eat it on the walk to class.  Not very healthy. Lunch was a sandwich and dinner was anything and everything that sounded delish to a sleep deprived hungry student.  Helloo pizza, burgers, mozzarella sticks, pasta, and chips! Sounds divine.

A year after graduation, I am left trying to re-learn what proper eating habits are.  The knowledge is in there somewhere! My momma taught me right!

How could I forget such simple rules? 
  • When I was younger I had no problem with portion control. I ate what was served and then stopped.  
  • Snack time was either at 10am recess or when I got home. Food did not constantly go into my mouth.
  • I ate plenty of fruit and was excited for plums and peaches.They were special summer treats.
  • Bedtime was at 8pm, and there was no time for excessive late-night snackage
  • Mealtimes were around a table, not in front of the computer or TV. 
  • Oh yeeeah, the best time of day was recess. I think I spent at least an hour exercising a day.
What are some "lessons" you can learn from you childhood self?

Good night! (morning?) I'm off to think peaceful and sleepy thoughts!


  1. I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning last night. So what did I do? I blogged. lol. Just like you. Good luck sleeping better. And for me too, sheesh! :)

  2. I hope we both are sleeping before the wee AM hours.. at least we got some blogging done!

  3. I hate when I get in sleeping funks! Luckily, it's been a while since I have. No fun! I love childhood lessons, you said it best..I used to get an hour of exercise a my case, I couldnt get ENOUGH time out side to play! After school, after the summer it was from morning to dinner-time then flashlight tag after dinner! We all need to keep moving!