Saturday, June 5, 2010

One month reflections!

It's been a little over a month since I "started" my list, and how am I doin'?

A little recap of May:
  • I took the GRE, now know I need to prepare harder for it. Ooops
  • Finished my Thailand album, all I need to do is journal!
  • Had a pizza party and in the process found a really great recipe
  • Started biochemistry as a vet school pre-req
  • Watched "Some like it Hot," only one out of the very large list!
  • Commenting on blogs I like, and have found great ones to follow. With my new found health-kick, I love reading about others who are exercising and eating well :)
  • Bought me a very large box of vitamins (fingers crossed, gave me the boost I needed to avoid the colds floating around work)
  • Wrote the opening line of my personal statement, and brainstormed! I think blogging has helped me find new writing skills.
In May I think I've done more than I did in the last 6 months! Its a slow, but steady start :)
I'm really glad I made this list, though the 101 tasks still seem daunting. Having this tangible list has pushed me to do things I've put off for the past 4 years (my college years!)

Its weird, in a month's time I have felt a slight shift in myself. I am actually planning events, instead of being the passive person. I've already planned a hangout with my near-by college friends, and some old high school friends. I feel so proud of myself :) Especially since losing touch with people is a bad habit of mine. I want to kick myself when I think about it. I had 2 really good friends in high school, we were inseparable (I even lived with one of them). But somehow, during college I drifted away from them.

I feel a bit like a "debbie downer" with the end of this post, but that's how my May went! I'm making a smallish dent in my list, learning new things about myself, and trying to improve on my faults!

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  1. Don't feel like a debbie downer! Look at all you accomplished and learned girl, you rock! xoxo