Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Life as a Dog- part 1

Inspired by getting winded walking to my car (it was up a hill!), and having a thousand pimples pop up all over my face, I've decided to turn over a new leaf, adopt some healthier ways, start a new life... as a dog.

Screeech! Put on the crazy brakes. Woof, woof? Bow wow? Ruff ruff?

No, no. I am not literally going to sprout a tail, start panting, and walk on all fours. However, working at an animal hospital has shown me that our canine friends can teach us a thing or two about good living. So, here is what I've learn from the pups in my life.

Tip #1: Sleep when you are tired
Do dogs stay up past midnight to watch a "Criminal Minds" marathon, or write blog? Have you ever seen a dog look at the clock and decide its "too early" to go to bed? I constantly say I'm tired, but proceed to stay up until midnight simply out of principle.

If I were Max, a little Shih Tzu at the hospital, I would not be ashamed to call it a night at 6pm (before dinner!).

If I were Buttons, my snoring Lhasa Apso, I would wake up to eat breakfast and fall right back asleep.

If I were to start my new dog life now, I'd better learn how to turn off the TV earlier. Maybe I'll even start getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Gasp, imagine that...

Hope you all sleep well, and have wonderful dreams full of chasing cats and belly rubs! Good night and sleep tight!!