Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twice as nice

Since I forgot *coughi'maslackercough* to do a June 101 update, I'm clumping it together with July's update.  They both start with "J" can't we pretend it's one very loong month ;)

Plus it'll seem like I did more things!

#1 Visited Monterey Bay Aquarium

#3 Hearst Castle!!

#4 Biked to Venice Beach (sad lack of photos, I'm going next weekend and will remember the camera!!)
#61 Muffins that taste like doughnuts, or I like to call them snickerdoodle muffins!
#62 Mulligatawny soup (recipe coming soon!)

#83 Purchased an iPod adaptor
#86 I got a bike!

I was getting my blogging groove on in the beginning of June (trying to hit the 1 month of blogging!), but then the fear and realization that veterinary school apps (#24) are due very very soon threw me off track.  Juggling school, work, apps, and writing a personal statement have made me want to crawl up into a small ball and wish it all goes away!

Anyone want to trade places with me? Okay, I'm being a big baby, there's worse things that could be happening to me! I take all my whining back. Well, maybe I'll just 90% back. I keep telling myself that I'm blessed with the opportunity to pursue my dreams!

So I'll just settle for the camaraderie of someone has gone through crazy grad school application process! Anyone??

Oh well, I'm off to learn about the biochemistry of DNA replication!

At least I have a study buddy :)
(Yes, I did her hair like that and no, I'm not really ashamed)

Happy sunny Saturday!


  1. The soup looks yummy :)
    Good luck with all your applications!

  2. Thank you! I'm posting the recipe soon :)